What’s the Best Phone Stand with a Company Logo? High-End Custom Phone Stand Review

I have so many company-logo pens. They're nice, I suppose, but they're far from a meaningful gift. No, making an impression on your gift recipient requires selecting a less common item, such as a carefully crafted phone stand with company logo. That's why, this year, I'm excited about the idea of rounding out my gift list with custom Apex phone stands.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Company Logo Phone Stand

When shopping for a custom phone stand, first consider what your goal for the item is. If it's to hand out as free swag at an industry trade show, you'll want an item that you can order in bulk on the cheap.

If, on the other hand, you are searching for a custom phone stand as a gift for your boss or as a reward for loyal employees, you're probably interested in spending more for a quality product. An artfully crafted phone stand will make it clear to the recipient that you spent good money on his or her gift because you appreciate him or her.

Before you go any further with shopping for a phone stand with company logo, ask yourself:

  • How much can I spend?

  • To whom will I give this stand?

  • What message do I want my gift to send?

Presenting the Product

So what is the Apex phone stand, and what sets it apart from other stands as a high-end gift rather than a cheap piece of promotional junk?

The short answer is that Apex is a swivel stand for phones and tablets. It has an adjustable phone rest, so you can change the angle at which your device is displayed.

But beyond those basics, the Apex is a piece of art. Its smooth lines and modern appearance can help it blend seamlessly into the look of any up-to-date home or office.

Expertly crafted in Michigan, the Apex line is a product of Great Lakes Innovations, the same company that brought you the Pinnacle phone stand. The Apex is a step up from the Pinnacle, which swivels but does not have adjustable tilt. Great Lakes Innovations is committed to producing products that are functional, attractive and long-lasting.


  • Modern design in multiple colors.

  • 360-degree swiveling.

  • Adjustable tilt.

  • Two sizes for holding phones or tablets.


  • Not priced for promotional giveaways.

  • Doesn't include built-in charging system.

  • Must choose the larger Apex to use it with big tablets.

Features and Benefits

Let's look more closely at what the Apex has to offer.

Two Sizes

The Apex series of stands can hold phones or tablets. In fact, the stands are available in two sizes, so you can select the one that will best hold your device.

  • Apex Executive: Holds phones or small tablets.

  • Apex Elite: Is designed for larger tablets. Of course, you can put your smartphone on it too.

Both designs hold devices in portrait or landscape orientations.



Stay-put Swivel Base

Picture this: You're in a meeting with colleagues, and your tablet is resting on a stand. You have an image on the screen, and you want to share it with your coworkers. If the stand is an Apex, all you have to do is swivel the stand, and everyone will be able to see the screen. Great Lakes Innovations' phone stands all feature the ability to swivel 360 degrees.

Feel free to work on your device as it rests on the stand. The heavy base will stay put, so you don't have to worry about the stand tipping or shifting as you tap on the screen.



Adjustable Upper

When you work on your device, do you prefer for it to stand nearly upright or to be angled backward? With the Apex, thanks to an adjustable phone rest, you can set the angle to your liking. To change the phone's angle, just shift the hinged upper portion of the stand.

An opening in the tray on which your device rests provides a spot to feed your charging cable through. Therefore, you can plug your phone in while it rests on the stand.


Multiple Looks

One of the great things about the Apex is that it's new to the market. Therefore, this is sure to be a unique gift that your recipient doesn't already own, and it won't be something that everyone else in the office already has.

To make this an even more stand-out gift, you can select an Apex that matches the recipient's decor and personality. First of all, Apex stands come in three color schemes:

  • Maritime: A wood upper and a stainless steel or brass base. A variety of wood options are available.

  • Midnight: A black powder-coat finish.

  • Mirror: A stainless steel stand with a mirror-polish finish.

The options don't stop there, however. Great Lakes Innovations also offers skins that can be applied to the upper portion of Apex stands for a distinctive look.



Customizable Designs

For a truly personalized gift, Great Lakes Innovations produces custom phone stands. Whether you would prefer a wooden Apex or a metal one, a company logo can be engraved into the top section of the stand.

Do you need just one personalized Apex for yourself or as a gift for your boss? Great Lakes Innovations can do that. But if you need a whole fleet of stands--so you'll have one to give every member of your team--they can do that too.




The Apex is a beautiful stand, but is it really the best custom phone stand out there? Let's look at some other stands on the market to help us decide.

Promotional iPhone Desk Stand

This is a collapsible plastic stand with a colorful pad that grips your phone to hold it in place. A logo that measures up to 2 inches by 0.5 inches can be printed on the lower portion of the stand. These stands are intended for bulk purchases, and the per-unit price is low.


  • Priced for giveaways.

  • Logo can be printed with monochrome or multicolor ink.

  • Easy to set phone on the stand or take it back off.


  • Must be ordered in bulk.

  • Grip pad doesn't seem like a secure method for holding a phone.

  • Plastic construction looks cheap and may not last over the long haul.

  • Not engraveable.

Go here to see the Promotional iPhone Desk Stand.

Personalized Shark Holder

This plastic stand for tablets and phones has a rubber layer on the bottom to ensure that your device doesn't slide around on your desk. It has multiple slots into which to slide devices. They tilt back slightly, but the angle is not adjustable.


  • Mid-range pricing.

  • Can be printed, engraved or etched with a logo.

  • Stay-put base.


  • Must be ordered in bulk.

  • Tilting angle is not adjustable.

  • Does not swivel.

View the Shark here.

Personalized Smart Phone Holder

This is a nickel-plated stand that will fit nicely on a desk. Its personalization area can hold up to eight lines of text. The pocket design of the stand means that the phone sits down inside it.


  • Engravable.

  • Attractive metal finish.

  • Mid-range price.


  • Cannot upload your own logo for engraving.

  • Pocket design covers part of the phone screen.

  • Phone tilt is minimal.

  • Does not swivel.

Go here to give this stand a look.


Gift-giving can be hard, but a well-crafted item bearing the logo of an organization that is near and dear to the recipient's heart will nearly always be well received. If the item is practical, that's even better because it means your present will get daily use.

The Apex phone stand:

  • Comes in multiple color schemes and is customizable.

  • Is produced in the USA with quality manufacturing processes.

  • Can swivel or tilt while holding a phone or tablet.

See the Apex for yourself at Great Lakes Innovations.

Steve Palen